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We have an extensive team of environmental and heritage specialists that provide advisory services specific to their field of expertise:


Approvals planning is a critical component of development projects. We work with legal teams to prepare Approvals registers and timelines.

Approvals strategies are prepared for material approvals that can be communicated with the Board and broader development team.

Approvals documentation are prepared in accordance with the administrative requirements of an array of environmental and heritage legislation for mining and infrastructure projects. Environmental management plans are prepared as per Approval requirements.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement Plans identify internal and external stakeholders, key messages, roles and responsibilities  and timelines. We have been commended by government and clients for the high standard of quality of our community engagement plans.

Community engagement is often a critical component of legislation, as under heritage acts, but also ensures the smooth running of Approvals. On-going positive relationships with the broader community ensure the long-term sustainability of the Project. Our team focus on a win-win for all stakeholders involved by ensuring open and transparent communication that builds trust and respect among people with interests in the Project.

Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage includes both European and Aboriginal heritage considerations of a development proposal. Initially a desktop assessment is conducted to determine native title considerations and registered sites of significance.

Engagement with traditional owners is conducted in an open and transparent manner.

Heritage surveys are coordinated by our heritage specialists, anthropologists and archaeologists and the respective traditional owners.

Heritage management plans are developed to ensure risks to heritage cultural values are managed to as low as reasonably possible.


We have award winning project management experience using leadership and problem solving initiatives to demonstrate excellence in business best practice. In our efforts to achieve excellence for our clients we develop and implement the following initiatives:

  • Environmental Management Systems – fit-for-purpose, of international standard, simple
  • Auditing – practical, with a focus on continual improvement, in partnership with internal stakeholders, preparation of Compliance Assessment Plans and Reports
  • Training – one-on-one, group or on-line to ensure flexibility and adaptability to different learning styles
  • Culture and awareness – compliance goes beyond the environmental team, development and roll-out of a environmental cultural development program, reduces budget, reduces risk
  • Compliance Registers – essential for construction and operations phases
  • Sustainability Reporting – aspect of the social licence to operate, measurement and monitoring of stakeholder and environment aspects alongside economic considerations, preparation of annual sustainability report, Global Reporting Initiative considerations


Our international closure specialists have expertise in mine closure planning, including:

  • Rehabilitation planning,
  • Seed collection planning,
  • Waste characterisation,
  • Waste landform design,
  • Topsoil and subsoil management,
  • Preparation of Mine Closure Plans,
  • Closure cost liability assessments,
  • Closure audits,
  • Rehabilitation monitoring,
  • Invertebrate monitoring as bio-indicators of rehabilitation success,
  • Development of completion criteria, and
  • Peer review and due diligence of closure plans.


Our team of ecologists provide the following services:

  • Level 1 and 2 flora and fauna surveys,
  • Invertebrate surveys,
  • Short Range Endemic species surveys,
  • Troglofauna and stygofauna surveys,
  • Mapping of vegetation communities and habitats,
  • Wetland health assessments and monitoring,
  • Monitoring of vegetation health,
  • Targeted searches of threatened and endangered species,
  • Threatened flora and fauna species translocation programs,
  • Weed mapping,
  • Weed eradication programs,
  • Biomonitoring, including:
    • desktop risk analysis of pests, and
    • surveillance for non-indigenous invertebrates.

For further information about our capabilities, please contact us:

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