Enperitus Pty Ltd

Consultancy Services

EnPeritus is a team of specialists, who are passionate about their respective areas of expertise. Our team likes to push the boundaries by using innovative approaches to collectively solving problems and taking pride in delivering to the highest standard.  Each individual is a leader in their respective fields, which include:

  • approvals process management and coordination;
  • approvals documentation preparation;
  • government and community communication;
  • closure planning;
  • energy efficiency and innovation;
  • waste management strategies;
  • flora and fauna surveys;
  • invertebrate bio-monitoring;
  • heritage approvals;
  • environmental awareness;
  • environmental compliance auditing; and
  • environmental management systems.

We understand that you don’t want to have 20 or more consultants on your books at any one time. It’s more efficient for your business to have less rather than more. The problem is that the best people are usually running their own boutique specialist consultancies.

We’ve solved that problem by collectively forming a team of the best boutique specialist consultancies under EnPeritus to provide you with one place to come to when you want the best people working on your project, consultants who are the best in their respective fields.

There are no graduates or mid-level people working in our business so you’ll only get highly qualified, experienced and reputable experts providing quality reports for you each and every time.

We understand your resources are limited and budgets have been cut. You are looking for the most cost-effective strategy to manage your project. Our business model is virtual, that is, we have much lower overheads. Therefore we don’t need to pass on those costs to you.

Who are our consultancy services for?

  • Industry professionals who require environmental solutions.
  • Those that want to receive high-end quality products and services.
  • Pragmatic people wanting pragmatic environmental solutions.
  • Professionals who recognize the importance of corporate social responsibility in ensuring their business has a sustainable future.
  • Partners, who want us to be a member of their respective team.

How can we be of benefit you?

If you want to have exclusive group of forward-thinking specialists on your environmental team who:

  • will deliver high end products and services; and
  • can save you time and money,

then we would be keen to to have that initial discussion.